Today’s post, coming to you from the “Land of No Fathers.”

I think I should just cut my losses and rename this blog “My Life on Public Transport.”

After all, it seems like that’s all I have to write about.

This week, I have been lucky enough to be helped by no less than two bus drivers to lift a folded buggy into the luggage rack of a crowded bus (credit where it’s due), but sadly this laudable improvement in customer service has not saved me from the perils of Ye Great British Bus-Riding Public.

Today, as I took a seat at the back of the bus with a surprisingly well-behaved Piglet, I was greeted by one of these members of said Public, who began his conversation with me by enquiring about Piglet’s gender.

Now, there’s quite a lot I could say about gender here.  Like, for example, how as women we are expected to smile sweetly and nod along with the preposterous gobshite uttered by so many of Britain’s less educated males when they regale us with tales of how they don’t believe in Facebook-too full of middle aged women (or, as they may have been described here, “hippos,”) posting pictures of themselves when they were younger and slimmer-oh, the shame!-but I will leave this point for another day.  The same individuals always think they know all the latest trends in acceptable child-rearing policy, and can’t wait to inform you (“he’s a boy?  He needs a haircut!”  “He doesn’t have a dummy?  Oh good, it’s a disgrace, all these six year olds going around with dummies in their mouths!”)  However, today’s Gold Star comment came when the gentleman in question enquired if I was married (“do you have a hubby?”)  He was quite clearly waiting for me to say no, and when I did, he loudly stated the name of a local council estate known for high levels of social deprivation, and labelled it, “The Land of No Fathers.”

Quite what the connection of Piglet and I to this place was supposed to be was not explicitly stated, but the implication was that I was the stereotypical “benefit scrounging” single mother of the type that the Daily Mail loves to hate.  I won’t flatter myself by saying I might have passed for a teenage parent (although I desperately hope so, for reasons of vanity) but despite my liberal Guardian-reading moral outrage at the broad stereotyping of an entire geographical area (which of course, I would NEVER DO) the comment was so ludicrously inaccurate that I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Me, the benefit-scrounging, uneducated single mother.  Because that’s what we’re all like, right?

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  1. MMT says:

    I take it this guy was getting off the bus stop at ‘The land of no manners?’ What a tosser… Good for you Min and your ability to both laugh at him, and turn this fool into a character for us all to laugh at with you.

    Have an awesome Christmas with Piglet, and your Mum. x

    1. Min says:

      Luckily I am pretty thick-skinned. You certainly meet some characters on public transport, even if I do curse the day I failed my driving test every time I see the bus stop. Hope you and the family have a fab Christmas too. xx

  2. Mrs Tubbs says:

    Some people never met a stereotype they didn’t like! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

    1. Min says:

      Thank you. You too!

  3. Pen says:

    Goodness me you do meet some characters on public transport. It is strange isn’t it. Ordinarily people don’t talk to you on public transport. During my daily commute I ignore and am ignored. It is me and my phone. When Cygnet is with me we get into all kinds of random conversations. I am not sure whether this is a good thing or not. I have yet to be branded as a resident of a ‘land of no fathers though’.

    1. Min says:

      It is funny how having a child with you suddenly makes everyone so sociable. I may moan about it on here, but I think I enjoy it!

  4. Pen says:

    Oh, and #effitfriday. Sorry. Have a great Christmas x

  5. People just love to share their opinions with the world, don’t they. Their stereotypical, ignorant opinions! Don’t envy you lugging the buggy on the bus – luckily I’ve a car, so have never had to endure the bus (we live in the country) but I struggle with just getting it into the boot with the shopping! Ah well, thankfully not everyone is like that! #effitfriday

    1. Min says:

      That’s very true, not everyone is like that, and most people are lovely. I do have some lovely conversations on public transport-they just don’t tend to get reported on here. I would love to live in the countryside. Definitely need to learn to drive first though!

  6. Kaye says:

    Ugh, vile human being. What makes some people think it’s unacceptable to spurt out this total crap to others? Sorry you had to experience that. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. Min says:

      It was really OK. Luckily I could see the funny side! x

  7. What an absolute idiot! I can’t stand judgemental people and I wish I didn’t let it worry me so much. These people need to keep their opinions and stereotyping to themselves. #coolmumclub xx

    1. Min says:

      They do. I took it with a pinch of salt though. All good bloggable material!

  8. oh dont you just love the comments of random strangers lol.
    funny thing is the older i get the less i care about stuff like that and I would probably just laugh and challenge him loudly to ensure he was the embarrassed one!


    1. Min says:

      Same for me-I didn’t really care about his comments. I just thought they were funny and good blogging material!

  9. Oh jeez, can’t believe he said that, I think I would’ve fallen off the chair or pressed the stop button and pushed him out of the door to Land of No Return!!

    1. Min says:

      Haha, I didn’t take him very seriously!

  10. Ali says:

    Goodness. I’m in a relationship with my child’s father (not that that makes me superior), I work full time, have a postgraduate degree, own my own home….. But I’m not married and don’t have a husband. Never will. I would have delighted in telling him that I believe marriage to be an outdated institution.

    1. Min says:

      That would have been a great answer! 🙂

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