The Anti-Cravings


I have not written on here for ages.

This is because a) I am too scared in case everything goes wrong and
b) I have been very lazy (blame the pregnancy tiredness).

Anyway, I am now 11 weeks and still running to the loo every five minutes to check that Blastocyst (who has by now hopefully graduated to the status of “Foetus”) has not fallen out because I have killed it with my negative thinking, or simply because the whole situation is just too good to be actually true.

On the plus side, I am feeling very queasy and tired, and have gone off basically all food (these are obviously pluses, as presumably they mean Foetus is still in there and making its presence known).  So much for pregnancy cravings, I have had zero cravings, and about twenty million aversions including all of the following:
Coffee (at least this saves me worrying about killing Foetus with caffeine)
Tea (TEA.  I ask you to take a deep breath and really think about that one for a minute, just to let the gravity of the situation sink in)
Pretty much anything fried, especially eggs
Chips (CHIPS) or any kind of fried potato
Curry (WHY?????  This just goes from bad to worse)
Anything from the canteen at work
Patak’s Lime Pickle (O THE CRUELTY!)

So basically all I can now eat is pasta, which I have to scoff at regular intervals as not eating also makes me feel sick.  I even threw up a couple of innocent After Eight mints this morning.

On the plus side, for the first time in my entire life I am happy to be staying in on New Year’s Eve, feeling completely smug about it, and going to bed at 9pm.  May this be the start of many happy teetotal nights in to come.

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