Walking Around London Carrying a Phone


Day 1 of my period.

I know, that’s officially Too Much Information, but it’s only going to get worse, I can assure you.
Tried to phone the clinic today as they said to call on the first day of my period, but of course my period would be awkward and start on a Saturday, when the clinic is barely open.
I was out walking at the time and I carried my phone in my hand for nine miles, hoping that they would call back.  They didn’t.  I hope this is not a terrible omen.  Anyway, it probably makes no difference as it would seem that if I wished to start treatment this month, I would have had to have ordered my donor sperm by now, and so far I am still yet to decide who to choose: the Brazilian one (will I have to take the baby to Brazil and teach it football and Portugese to fit in with its heritage?); the Polish one (described as “trendy,” which I thought was a fine gene to pass on to one’s offspring, but will I have to teach the baby Polish?), the American one (described as “Christian.”  I was concerned in case this too was genetic) or the one who might be someone I went to university with (potentially a bit awkward, should my suspicions turn out to be justified). 
Also I am supposed to have ordered my drugs, but I have no idea where to order these from.  Is one supposed to purchase Gonal F from some dodgy neighbourhood drug dealer?
Funnily enough, I walked past GlaxoSmithKline today.  Perhaps I should have popped in.
Anyway, looks like I will have to call the clinic on Monday at work.  That will be an interesting phone call to explain should someone pop in to make a cup of tea while I’m in the office.  Not sure I can explain away “drugs” or “sperm” as work related.
In other news, I made a cake today.  Well, with no alcohol, what is a girl to do for pleasure?

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