Is it Christmas yet?

Typical, my first day with Piglet in a week and I am ill.

I think it’s time to Slow. Right. Down.

The past two weeks have been manic. I get up each morning at 6, place Piglet in Granny’s bed, and then go off to work each day until nearly 7pm. Then last week I was up at 4.45am on Saturday (don’t ask) for Blogfest, and not back until after 10pm. This Saturday I was away in London again all day showing people around my old flat and hoping that they would buy it.

I had been so looking forward to spending Sunday with Piglet.

Sunday is our day.  Sunday is when we go swimming, then for a Sunday roast at the pub, and then round to my mother’s friend’s house where Piglet plays with her ancient toy cars, remnants of childhoods from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Today there was no swimming.  After a long but patchy night’s sleep, I was in no state to head out into the wind and rain at 9am, and even after sleeping on and off until 12.30, nor could I eat the pub lunch.  Piglet has now gone out with Granny to play with the ancient cars.

So what was supposed to be Mummy and Piglet day, has ended up being Granny and Piglet day, yet again.

Roll on Christmas, and two weeks off work.

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