Life: Entirely Governed by Piglet’s Naps or Lack Thereof

Piglet is currently forgoing his afternoon nap in favour of lying in the baby gym chewing his favourite hanging plastic ring.  He is concentrating very hard.

OK he just started screaming for no apparent reason.  Just removed him from the baby gym and sat him in his bouncy chair, where he is violently shaking a blue rabbit.  A toy one that is.  Otherwise that would be weird.

It’s now two hours later and he has finally started his nap.  How long it will last is anybody’s guess.

Had a fairly unproductive day.  My plan to buy baby wipes, go to the library and get some milk was scuppered by Piglet deciding he was hungry in the middle of a very rainy Wembley High Road and having a non-stop screaming fit inside the pram which did not subside until I took him home.  I had been hoping he would take the opportunity to have a nap in the cosy environment beneath the fleecy blankets and industrial-strength rain cover, but it was not to be.  The remainder of the day was spent watching old repeats of Escape to the Country whilst walking Prince Piglet around the house imploring him to sleep, which he responded to by protesting loudly every time I tried to sit down.  Now watching Countryfile on mute.  One of the presenters just held up a poster emblazoned with the words “Bird Crime.”  I have no idea what’s going on.  Are birds going around terrorising the countryside with their criminal ways?

Absolutely knackered and in need of a nap myself.  I wonder what the neighbours would think if I started shouting in baby language, crying and making straining noises every time I needed to sleep, in the style of young Piglet.

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