Multiple Attempts to Write This Blog All End in Abject Failure

Almost seven weeks in, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

Piglet is wearing a vest personally designed by one of my friends (i.e. drawn on) at my baby shower, and having a “kick about” on the floor, something that my mother, a.k.a. the “Wind Whisperer,” recommends so that he can “get his wind out.”

He is now screaming.

I have launched a rescue mission and am now typing with one finger while he wails on my lap.

OK it’s now two hours later and I have finally returned to this blog post having finally settled Piglet and got him to sleep.  How long for is anyone’s guess.

Aargh he’s stirring.  I also read yet another article today about the dangers of spending too much time on ipads, phones, laptops etc in front of babies and children and how it is basically child neglect.  This can only mean that I am a terrible mother.

OK so it is now the next day….I’m not winning at this game.  The parenting bit might be getting done but there is virtually no opportunity to write this blog.  Piglet is now having a kick about on the mat again and I haven’t even had time to change the TV channel so am stuck watching Rip-Off Britain.  Also I am ridden with guilt about the fact that I have spent the last half an hour eating breakfast, reading the NCT newsletter, sorting out the washing and putting the dishwasher on (I know, I did ALL THAT in half an hour!  I can’t believe it either!) , rather than playing with Piglet, who is looking at me forlornly across the room and trying to talk to me in baby language.  Probably saying “You are a horrible mummy.  You ignore me when I am trying to talk to you and when I get into my teenage years I will pay you back handsomely by becoming a tearaway and never wanting to speak to you ever again.”

Right he’s starting to whimper.  I’d better go.

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