Five Reasons Why I Am Living My Teenage Years All Over Again

This weekend I was a bit depressed.  Piglet was ill, we couldn’t go swimming, and although I was briefly delighted about this as it meant I wouldn’t have to get up at 7am and sit on some godforsaken bus for half an hour, my dreams of a cosy lie-in remained just that, as Piglet was…

Life: Perfectly Instagrammed?

This is a nice photo. Everything on Instagram is nice.  Sometimes I almost think I could be a photographer, or at least someone with a lovely lifestyle blog full of beautiful soft-focus shots of their immaculate home full of spotless white furniture and inspirational quotes. However, as we all know, life doesn’t come packaged up…

The Insane Toddler Interest in Large Vehicles: Part 1

Today, finally, following two busy Saturdays spent in London, what seems like endless weeks of work and almost a week of illness (mine.  I am still praying that Piglet doesn’t receive the gift of my pestilence) I finally spent some time with Piglet. Mummy and Piglet time. So, what did we do with this precious…


Piglet is now showing some interest in other children and babies. Not, however, as much interest as other children are showing in him. Today for example, we were on a train to Bath.  This is the same train, I might add, that Piglet demanded to be walked up and down repeatedly last week, prompting me…

Piglet Breaks His Silence; Confirms He Is Dog-Lover

Piglet said his first word today. So, was it “Mumma”? No it was not. Let’s forget the possibility of it being “Dadda,” as he has been repeating that sound for months without, clearly, the slightest clue as to what it may refer in some circles, since he has never heard me utter such a sound….

These are my peeps part 2: Are these really my peeps?

Part of the joy of moving house is, of course, getting to know the new neighbours, and so today, I took myself to the local cafe (not the one where Piglet previously disgraced himself by kicking a table over.  We’re lying low from that one for a while) in an attempt to do just that….

Piglet vs the World

Ladies and gentlemen, I no longer live in Wembers. Well, it’s not official.  I haven’t even notified the bank I’ve changed addresses yet, let alone actually sold the flat.  However, Piglet and I are currently residing with my mother and are now the occupants of a room I previously shared with my brother in 1985….