Is Driving An Essential Requirement for the Middle Class Parent?

Being a parent very often feels like being on trial.  One of those televised American trials where the defendant appears, hair unwashed, wearing a drab ill-fitting suit, to find the eyes of the media are upon them, probably having given them some hideous nickname, like “Foxy Knoxy” or something a lot less flattering.  I sometimes…

Piglet Breaks His Silence; Confirms He Is Dog-Lover

Piglet said his first word today. So, was it “Mumma”? No it was not. Let’s forget the possibility of it being “Dadda,” as he has been repeating that sound for months without, clearly, the slightest clue as to what it may refer in some circles, since he has never heard me utter such a sound….

These are my peeps part 2: Are these really my peeps?

Part of the joy of moving house is, of course, getting to know the new neighbours, and so today, I took myself to the local cafe (not the one where Piglet previously disgraced himself by kicking a table over.  We’re lying low from that one for a while) in an attempt to do just that….

Piglet Vs. Literature: Part 2

Piglet seems to have developed a rather disturbing new habit.  Several times this week I have caught him banging his head-apparently deliberately-on his cot or my bed.  Upon consulting Dr Google about this distressing new hobby I have learned the following: Piglet has above average intelligence Head banging is totally normal Piglet must be autistic…

These are my peeps

Sleep. If I went to bed Right Now, I might get the full eight hours, time spent waking up to soothe a fretful Piglet aside. But I am not going to go to sleep right now, because I am writing this.  And the glow of the computer screen is going to adjust my hormone levels,…