I never thought it would happen.

I never thought that I would become one of them.

One of, you know, Them.

Those perfect parents with the perfect Instagram shots, the rows of pictures of beautiful and stylish children, with the perfect hipster Mummy in the perfect hipster dungarees, child on hip, child on scooter, posing in front of a variety of doors painted in vivid primary colours, with only the occasional flat lay or strategically placed cup of coffee and blogging planner next to a pristine Macbook on a spotless white desk.

OK, so my Macbook is still more peppered with thumbprints than pristine, and my coffees are hastily drunk and usually from a paper cup, but I have become one of them.  And I’m not just talking about the dungarees.

I have become a seasoned Blogger.  I have become one of the blogging sorority.  There are snatched moments checking Twitter at work, desperate pleas to Mumsnet to feature my posts, intrusive thoughts about the Huffington Post, and now, there is also a linky.

I have agreed to co-host a linky.  An actual linky, peeps.

What will become of me?  Will I make the grade?  Will my tweeting be up to the task?  Will I sink without trace beneath a deluge of hashtags, never to be seen again?

Save me people, for I will need your help.  I send out a plea, a dark and desperate plea from one cast adrift into the twitterverse, with nothing but the most basic grasp of html.*

I need you to join with me on the linky, the most wondrous linky of all; the up and coming, the totally fierce, the one and only #StayClassy, courtesy of The Mum Project

It’s the linky for everyone who’s not an InstaMum.  Or even if you are an InstaMum, and if you are, by the way, I sort of want to be you, with your glossy white desk and fresh flowers, and your perfect, as yet un-drunk coffee.

But if you are more of a coffee-is-for-drinking-not-for-posing-next-to-expensive-computerware kind of girl (or boy), then this is probably the linky for you.

#StayClassy my friends.  You know it makes sense.

*What is html again?


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  1. Min, this is awesome. That is all.

    Thank you for co-hosting with me!

    1. Min says:

      Haha, thanks for having me! I’ve enjoyed reading the posts (so far. Just going to have a look at some more now!)

  2. Emma says:

    I think that you are doing an amazing job co-hosting!! Keep rocking it lady 🙂

    1. Min says:

      Aww thank you! xx

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