Dangerous Times

Piglet is now a year old, and therefore almost a toddler.  I say almost, as he has not yet mastered the art of walking, and needs to be escorted around by a helpful adult, such as me or (more often) Granny, holding his hand at all times.

It’s just as well that he is always accompanied, however, as he has become a walking Accident Waiting to Happen.

Basically, I have discovered that the world is a very dangerous place when you are a year old, and not just for the reasons the Daily Mail likes to dwell on (although the other day, when we were on holiday, I did insist that my mother not leave a sleeping Piglet outside the caravan because “LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MADELEINE MCCANN!”).

Today, for example, Piglet got his hand trapped underneath a door.  Underneath.  A.  Door.  I didn’t even know that was a thing.  Luckily I was able to retrieve it without breaking the skin, but he did have the imprint of the bottom of the door stuck in his hand for a while.  On the plus side, he was trying to retrieve a copy of Spot Goes to Bed at the time, so at least his injury was the result of an interest in matters of a literary nature.

During a lunchtime visit to the pub (I know!  The pub!  At lunchtime!  For shame!  I am now One of Those Mothers who goes drinking during the day while Little One runs riot amid the drunks) I had to rescue Piglet from all of the following:
A large stick, to be thrown about on a field in the manner of a dog, but which he insisted on bringing into the pub and waving around, much to my mother’s horror;
Wood chippings, which he tried to eat;
A log fire (deceptively not lit, so the danger was not at all obvious until Piglet pulled a metal grill off the front of the fireplace);
Rat poison (tantalisingly placed in a location close to several rotten apples, which had naturally piqued Piglet’s interest, but fortunately in a clearly labelled container, so danger was relatively easily averted);
Several older children who were very keen to befriend him, but in a way that Piglet unfortunately found terrifying, despite the fact that they were far less scary than any of the above.

And this was just one brief lunchtime outing.  We didn’t even stay for dessert.

Even our own dwelling is riven with danger, from the obvious perils of the cooker and stairs to the less clear hazards posed by the toilet roll holder (pulled off and used to attempt to smash up the toilet seat) and bathroom light switch (lovingly mouthed due to nobbly bit at the end which will at some point almost certainly break off and need to be retrieved from the said mouth before it can be swallowed).

Really, it is a wonder anyone has ever survived to adulthood.

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  1. Silly Mummy says:

    Rat poison?? Rat poison?? I have literally forgotten everything else I read – my mind is stuck on accessible rat poison at the pub! They’re a nightmare at this age, though, aren’t they? Baby has also just turned one, and she is into everything! She has no fear. & she likes to climb. Two year old not much better – she can just reach more! #wineandboobs

    1. Min says:

      Well, it was in a sealed plastic container, but I’m pretty sure that even a moderately determined toddler could break in should they so desire. And Piglet is Houdini-like in his desire to get into anything he might not be allowed to have!

      1. Silly Mummy says:

        I know – they can get into anything as long as they are not meant to! But why would a pub leave rat poison visible? Neither having rats nor intending to kill everyone in the manner of a Roald Dahl villain is something to advertise, and those are the only reasons to have rat poison!

  2. Kristen says:

    Um…yeah Rat POISON? That just doesn’t make sense to me why they would have that where someone could see let alone get into! I would not want to be in that pub! My youngest is 17 months old so with the help of his brother and sisters he gets into anything and everything you can think of. Yesterday I had to stop him from eating a tator tot on the ground at the soccer field. It was disgusting. I am surprised some days that he is alive. #wineandboobs

    1. Min says:

      I probably should have mentioned that the rat poison was in the pub garden so not in the actual building, although thinking about it, it was pretty near the kitchen! Thanks for commenting.

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